Plans for Huff Lane property …

From the Roanoke Free Press:

Roanoke City Council voted unanimously to sell the 5.3-acre Huff Lane Elementary School property adjacent to Valley View Boulevard to NDRA II, LLC. Monday’s public hearing was uneventful compared to the agitated crowd who objected to the school’s closing in 2010.

NDRA II, LLC is the parent limited liability company and Poe and Cronk Real Estate Group represents the buyers in Roanoke. The contract has several stipulations before the property changes hands.

The buyer has sixty days after the date of the contract to complete their due diligence review of the property and 30 days to apply for rezoning after that. City staff will review and approve the subdivision plat for rezoning. The city has 180 days to approve the buyer’s plan.

The group’s plan calls for two hotels and a restaurant that will become part of the Valley View Mall complex. They will demolish the empty Huff Lane school. A separate 6500 square foot restaurant is proposed at the curve that separates the school and park from Valley View Boulevard.

On January 10 City staff, along with Dennis Cronk President and CEO of Poe and Cronk and Steve Albis a consultant met with the Dorchester Court Neighborhood Watch. Monday marked the inevitable loss of what they considered their neighborhood. Dorchester President Amy Cosner thought the parcel should have remained part of the adjacent park.

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