“Livability Roanoke” living the dream …

“Livable Roanoke Valley” is a group you should know about. They have an interesting project which is absolutely starving for input from a profession like ours. Their HUD funded regional visioning project has been going on for a few months and is now in full swing. Check it out at: http://livableroanoke.org/

The Partnership for a Livable Roanoke Valley seeks to promote economic opportunity and a greater quality of life for all Roanoke Valley residents through the development of the Valley’s first coordinated regional plan.

The goal of this effort is to promote economic opportunity and a greater quality of life for all Roanoke Valley residents.

More than 50 organizations, including local governments, nonprofits, businesses and educational institutions are already involved in the Partnership. Citizen input guides our goals and informs the content of the Partnership’s regional plan – those who live in the Roanoke Valley know what is best for the Roanoke Valley.

To stimulate local economies and job creation, and to continue making the Roanoke Valley one of America’s best places to live and raise a family, we’re adopting a problem-solving approach to addressing the key issues affecting the region.

They have completed a regional phone survey with some surprising results. The final report is still being drafted, and the VT polling group has released some preliminary findings. Download the “Livability Survey of Roanoke Valley Citizens – Preliminary Results”.

Slide 13 includes some interesting results on what the polled citizens said was a “top priority” for them. YAF members participating in the Salem charrette may be specifically interested in page 27.

On October 14th the Roanoke Times featured an article on their public workshops. And after the workshops on October 20th another article was published.

“But James, I missed the public workshops! How can my voice be heard?” I have just the link for you:


The downloadable workbook covers all the same areas discussed in the public sessions. The team at Livable Roanoke is asking you to fill out the .pdf and send it back to them however you see fit. Another way to make your voice heard is on http://ideas.livableroanoke.org/. This website affords you the chance to vote on regional issues, submit photos, stories, and more.

Lend your voice and become a Livable Roanoke community contributor. Share ideas, submit ideas, and improve ideas from other Roanoke Valley participants. Feedback from this site will be used to create a comprehensive plan that promotes economic vitality, environmental quality, and equal opportunity.

This is a project, and group worth following.


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