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By Shervan Sebastian, Manager, Federal Relations

Young architects are some of the most innovative, enterprising members of America’s next generation of emerging design professionals. While it is perfectly fair to enjoy present achievements, it is also an opportunity to push further and help aspiring and recently practicing architects maximize their abilities and their numbers to realize even more successes in the future.

In that mission, the AIA can help!

We have been developing two projects that are specifically geared towards encouraging the innovative and we think it is just about time you heard about them.

The AIA’s ‘Crowdfunding Initiative’ will debut in January of 2013 and we are very excited to discuss the possibilities this funding method brings to the table. A sampling of the work we have done to begin developing this concept is located here and here.

This is only one piece of the puzzle however.

Our government relations team will be giving a presentation at the AIAS Forum in Savannah, Georgia on January 1st to highlight “The National Design Services Act” – also known as, an amazing architecture bill you’ve never heard of.

We’re attempting to help architecture students pay off their student loan debt through increased community involvement and encourage beginning architects to play a greater role in their regions through the amplified use of Community Design Centers.

None of these initiatives can be successful without your support, so we’re asking you to do one thing.

Post a picture of a vacant lot in your neighborhood on our Facebook page and include a brief description of a creative, community helpful project you believe would be a great use of that space.

We will include a few of those submissions in our presentation on how to best utilize crowdfunding for specific types of innovative ideas and hopefully help you put this new, groundbreaking tool to good use in your neighborhood.

The AIA is committed to supporting the efforts of the next great class of architects and your input is the most important thing that gets us there.

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