Public Interest Design Institute:  Charlottesville, VA

Public Interest Design Institute: Charlottesville, VA

This two-day course February 21-22, 2014 is presented by Design Corps along with University of Virginia and will provide design and planning professionals with in-depth study on methods of how design can address the critical issues faced by communities. Training in public interest design is a way of enhancing an existing design practice and learning skills to become pro-actively engaged in community-based design. The curriculum is formed around the Social Economic Environmental Design (SEED) metric, a set of standards that outlines the process and principles of this growing approach to design. This process provides a step-by-step aid for those who want to undertake public interest design. Certification in the SEED process will be given. The Institute will also focus on the value of working with existing cities, communities and buildings.  Additional funding for the Charlottesville PIDI comes from: UVA School of Architecture and UVA Sara Shallenberger Brown Cultural Landscape Initiative.

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