Emerging Leaders in Architecture 2018 Class Nominations

Chapter Scholarship

Each year the AIA Blue Ridge chapter nominates one ELA class member for the coming year as the chapter delegate. Along with the nomination the chapter also supports the candidate with a $1000 scholarship to help offset the travel costs associated with the travel required around the state.

Scholarship Application Process

Applicants for the AIA Blue Ridge ELA Scholarship to complete the ELA 2018 application and essay by 11:50 pm on November 12th and send it to JW Blanchard’s (jblanchard@aiablueridge.org) attention. The board will select a candidate on November 14th to forward to ELA as the Blue Ridge Chapter nominee and inform the others to apply as an at-large candidate to the program with their application and essay completed.

AIA Virginia ELA 2018 Application

ELA 2018 Application

An Honors Academy of the AIA Virginia

Designed to develop future leaders in architecture firms, in communities, and in the profession, the ELA program consists of seven intensive day-long seminars. Each session will focus on one or more essential strategies or skills such as financial management, presentation and communication skills, negotiating techniques, understanding legal and ethical issues, and public service.

A class project is incorporated into the program, which lasts the entire year, is real-world and real-client based, and serves to help the participants put the knowledge and skills they are learning into practice.

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