Continuing Education: Advanced Waterproofing Solutions

AIA Blue Ridge is collaborating with AIA Richmond and Architectural Exterior Solutions, LLC to offer an online Lunch and Learn presentation for Advanced Waterproofing Solutions with a PUMA System.

When:  June 11th, 2020, noon – 1 pm.
Where:  Online

What:  1 AIA LU / HSW

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Course Description: This presentation will describe overcoming waterproofing challenges by utilizing a liquid-applied PUMA system. PUMA is a cold fluid-applied waterproofing system with quick-curing technology providing long-term stability, permanent UV exposure, resistance to impact, scratches, punctures and slip resistance. PUMA technical advances allow for waterproofing certainty where sheet-applied membranes are difficult to install due to complex design and construction requirements. Through this step-by-step presentation, you will understand how PUMA may solve common installation obstacles and how to properly specify/install a PUMA system to suit project specific needs.

Thank you to AIA Richmond and AES for partnering to bring this CES course to AIA Blue Ridge members.

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