Continuing Education – Biophilic Illusions

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When:  23 SEPT 2020, 12 pm
Where:  Online
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Credit:  1 AIA HSW

Course Description

In this course, we explore our inherent connection and attraction to nature, identified as The Biophilia Hypothesis, and the ways that our lives are dependently and beneficially intertwined with nature. We look at the growing trend towards Biophilic Design, and how it can integrate therapeutic attributes of nature into interiors and thereby enliven Biophilia’s restorative properties.

Course Objectives

  1. Define biophilia – its bio-evolutionary origins and benefits to human life.
  2. Discuss the purpose and tenets of Biophilic Design.
  3. Summarize the use of illusion and illusions of nature in architecture.
  4. Explain the purpose, creation, and applications of sky-image ceilings.
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