Pitfalls & Possibilities: Risk Management Corner

Pitfalls & Possibilities: Risk Management Corner

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Pitfalls & Possibilities is a quarterly educational column focused on issues related to practice and risk management. It is provided by Joseph W. Cooch, Esq., counsel at Lee/Shoemaker PLLC, a law firm devoted to the representation of design professionals in the Commonwealth.

Ask and You Might Receive: Additional Services Fees 

A “project first” attitude often means that the architect jumps on a problem and starts working toward a solution rather than drafting a request for additional services and waiting for written authorization. This puts the architect in a challenging negotiating position, having already sunk time into the additional services before it asks for payment. 

October 2020

In the Loop: Every Member of the Design Team Should Know the Contracts 

Design professionals often view their written project contract as a formality, promptly stashing it away in a desk drawer after signing. Others view the contract as a matter for firm principals, and guard fee information internally. In some instances, the architect never requests the Owner-GC contract out of concern over getting too far into the Owner’s business. These can be risky behaviors for an architectural firm. 

July 2020
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